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Squash Wash

Squash Wash

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Bree Free Labs Squash Wash for Vegetables

Overview: The Bree Free Labs Squash Wash is a specialized solution designed to effectively clean and freshen your vegetables. Let’s explore its features:

  1. 🌿 Natural Ingredients:
    • Our squash wash is formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients.
    • No harsh chemicals or artificial additives.
  2. 🍅 Versatile Use:
    • Ideal for cleaning various vegetables, including squash, zucchini, and other produce.
    • Removes dirt, pesticides, and contaminants.
  3. 🌸 Freshness:
    • Leaves your veggies smelling delightful.
  4. 💧 Easy Application:
    • Dilute the squash wash in water according to the instructions.
    • Soak your vegetables for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  5. 🌟 Effective and Safe:
    • Removes surface impurities without compromising taste or nutrition.
    • Gentle on your veggies and the environment.
  6. 🌱 Mr. Jim’s Commitment:
    • We believe in clean, wholesome food.
    • Bree Free Labs Squash Wash – because your veggies deserve the best!

Available Now: Get your Squash Wash and enjoy fresh, clean produce. 🌿🍅🌸

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 Ingredients: Water, Citric Acid, Sodium Salts
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